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Children and the Good Life


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Sabine Andresen, Isabell Diehm, Uwe Sander

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In April 2009, an inspiring international conference was held at Bielefeld on the topic Children and the Good Life: New Challenges for Research on Children." The focus was on how we can define and measure a "good life" for children growing up in the modern world. This tied in with discussions on how convincing universalistic theories are, what research on children can contribute, and how children themselves can be integrated into the research process and debates on the "good life." Discourses and the production of knowledge on the "good life" or "well-being" require a guiding idea or a theoretical frame. This frame can come from the feminist ethic of care or from the Human and Children's Rights Convention, from the idea of welfare, or from the Capability Approach.

Pets can serve different purposes for children They can be safe recipients of secrets and private thoughtschildren often talk to their pets like they do to their stuffed animals. Childrens happiness with life has been in decline for most of the last decade and this year is no exception. We have poems read by the poets who wrote. Better yet strong parental relationships can mitigate some of the more negative traits people tend to associate with only children. Updated each week to bring you the latest family events activities festivals fairs kids shows and fun things to do with the kids.

Isabell Diehm

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eBook - Children and the Good Life

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    Sabine Andresen, Isabell Diehm, Uwe Sander
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    Sabine Andresen, Isabell Diehm, Uwe Sander
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