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Eat Green


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Melissa Hemsley

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‘A delicious and much-needed nudge towards a healthier and more sustainable kitchen’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall More than a recipe book, this is a guide for how to shop and eat now!' Skye Gyngell Foreword by Guy Singh-Watson, farmer and founder of Riverford. Bestselling author and home cook, Melissa Hemsley gives you over 100 easy recipes that focus on UK-grown, easy-to-buy ingredients, cutting down on food waste and putting flavour first. Eat Green is a helping hand towards eating a lot more vegetables in a way everyone can enjoy together. These veg-packed and veg-centric recipes are simple to make and perfect for the whole family. Chapters include: One Pot and One Tray; Cook Now, Eat Later; Family Favourites; and 30 Minutes or Less. Simple swaps mean that meat and fish can be added in or taken away, so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal, whether they are vegan, vegetarian, enjoying a meat-free Monday or something in between.

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Eat Green

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